Smarter buildings deliver for business and for the planet.

smarter buidlings technology solutions

Ember Holdings is an Information Technology Group focused on delivering smart technology solutions for developers, landlords and managers in the Commercial Property sector.

Deploying smarter building technology solutions is now the key growth area with clients looking to make their assets chime with the new world of flexible working and energy efficient buildings.

Helping to meet Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) targets
Commercial Property Landlords need to maximise the efficiency of their property assets and deliver “smart” working environments to help meet specifically, climate and environmental sustainability targets, and start their journey towards the holy grail, Net Carbon Zero.

By focusing on established and innovative technologies and services, such as The Internet of Things (IoT) and energy monitoring telemetry systems and smart lighting, as well as running service desks and day-to-day IT services, Ember Holdings delivers operational energy efficiencies for our clients, twenty-four seven.

To see how Ember Holdings can help you start the transformation to a smarter building, talk to us today.